Justin Bieber wear women jeans

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Justin Bieber is always known for its production of low-budget only Bangs Coif. He was really the costume of choice, but should have the necessary shock everyone. He wore women's jeans

(For example, Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz) rock bands and other emo acts as a full dominant and so rarely guys wc girls wearing pants forever.

Fashion week, fashion & beauty, Biebs stylin' two trading never wwd and supermarkets, book, life & amp; amp said; amp; He wore a reason and one reason only denim style: match of the women. Biebs testified: "he is sleeping because women's jeans worn before. Not only is this a trend, the construction of all kinds of works. "

Hey, at least recognizes that knows what works, Biber has a type and body shape. Now he shared some clothes with his girlfriend, the lovely and talented Selena Gomez?

Oh and all 17, you will be prompted to Gomez, who is married to his wife, Biebs, talking about love. Of course, if your wedding showed jeans are comments on the production section. "I feel as if that happens, happens," said the teenager. "Right now I'll concentrate on my music and I think as reasonably well." Actually, I believe in a marriage, but not anytime soon. We do not live until we got married. "

Justin has see the books of 25 or 26 years of marriage, he said: "I want to see for yourself." Although married or start searching for your family, I'm a new dad, I want to do what I must do? The success of the film or anything, but if the time has come. I want to marry. "

You have it. Played is of quarters, at the age of children at the age of the brand and the film. Here are some of the objectives of the good life. If you can, if he and SEL, even if zeszłotygodniowe?


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