Justin Bieber as a young DAD

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Washington, 10 September (ANI): Justin Biber showed that wants to be the "father of the new".

Hitmakir ' child '-model and actress Selena Gomez is admitted that he was convinced and 25 or 16.2. When the family was anxious to get started.

"No, 25 or 26, I can see for yourself how married, or jump to any family. I want to be a father, young people, such as his, "Contactmusic invited tells women's wear daily.

"I'd like to be able to do what I want to do."
Q: what is Justin Bieber/drink your favorite?
Answer: orange juice

Q: is passed Justin Bieber left or right?
A: on the left hand

Q: what musical instruments can Justin Bieber Play?
A: the trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums

Question: who is best friend Justin Bieber
A: Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers and Christian Beadles

Q: where Justin Bieber grow up?
(A): Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Q: what sports Justin Bieber like to play?
And: football

Q: what color eyes is Justin Bieber Like?

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