Justin Bieber kisses a girl from audiance

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Justin Bieber just planted a kiss on the cute girl who happened not to be his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. But it is pretty much pop starlet reason to be jealous of this a particular recipient Bieber's smooch-she is two years old!

Bieber spent a lot of Monday morning in one of your favorite Go-to job, Dolce & Gabbana houses if it is hosted inside a Madison Avenue boutique's Fashion Party out of the night, his manager scooter Braun. While there were many Gorgeous female (and Karen Elson as models), is making the rounds of the apparent lack of Selena Gomez. However, at the time of the event was only one girl eyes Bieber: Gossip Girl's father Matthew Settle toddler daughter Aven.

The settlement brought his a special date d n g client, proving fashion's Night Out, is for all ages (and that he is definitely his daughter an introduction at a young age on the fast track to high style!). He and Aven's run-in with the host, Bieber, Gossip Girl star showed Holly Baby, "Justin Bieber kissed her wrist and tickled her abdomen. Amazing … He's really cute, she's really cute. "Commission, Justin Bieber, looked at a lot of cute on the New York City, where he pulled out his card nerd Chic again and rocked his updated version of horn-rimmed glasses, the match with a deep plum leather jacket. His signature style must have a witches fashion's Night Out founder, Anna Wintour Vogue, herself, as she pose with a 17-year-old pop sensation.

Of course, Justin has also obtained some time camera with blonde model Brooklyn Decker; That is, between sign autographs and purchases for the fans. Another bonus of Justin Bieber FNO 2011 experience, in addition to the power of the girl? According to Coco Perez, a percentage of the sales of D & G tonight that benefited one of its charities fave, pencils for promise. Now, this is a trend that will never come style.


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